Friday, December 5, 2014

Fake Android Update - Malware

          There is a never ending amount of fake Windows updates. One of the most recent ones that I can remember was for Windows 8.1, you clicked a link and it came up with an official looking update screen. Well it was not a Microsoft update and it generally left the computer useless. This is not to mention the Java and Flash updates that are fake. So the point is that there is a great deal of fake updates, today I saw one for Android.
          This is the first one that I have personally seen, or heard of. Now people will root there phones and sometimes turn them into a brick, or put a custom mod on that may turn it into a nice paperweight. This is not what I came across today. Here is a screen shot of what I saw:

          The funny thing is that I arrived here after clicking a link to a local news website from Facebook. The new Facebook internal browser was used, not Chrome. There was a dialog box that informed me I was low on memory and asked do you want to clear up memory Yes or No, I clicked NO. This was in the background and the dialog box was in the foreground.
          Needless to say this is not an official update and I am not entirely sure what would happen if I click Update, although I am very sure it will install several different pieces of malicious software. Be on the lookout for these kind of traps, they are out there and they will do real harm to your phone.
          I have made several attempts today for this to happen again but with no luck. I have been able to find two other articles about this, but neither one have said how they got to the link. Mine was through Facebook and I hope that it was just a coincidence.

Scott Gamet


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