Thursday, June 26, 2014

Windows 8 Updates

This is written specifically for Windows versions 8 and 8.1, but it also applies to Windows 7. We all know that Windows updates are very important, they fix problems and bugs in the operating system. Some updates are considered critical, these should be installed as soon as possible (ASAP). Many of us though just ignore it until we absolutely have to install them becauses there is a reminder box in the bottom right corner.
Microsoft releases patches and updates every month on a Tuesday. This is affectionately referred to as Patch Tuesday, this is the second Tuesday of the month. Microsoft started this with the release of Windows 98, since then this has become a standard procedure for everyone.
With the last few updates there have been some very important, critical, updates that needed to be installed. These updates also included a few hidden updates, these are updates that are installed but do not show up in the Windows Update program. For some of us we do not turn our computers off at night but rather just put them to sleep. When we do this the updates do not get installed, also it is good to restart your computer at least once a week that way it clears out the temporary files and improves performance.
Because many people just put the computer to sleep instead of turning it off Windows basically forces you to restart. This is not with all updates nor is it every other one, it appears to be random. Your computer starts to have odd issues, such as your web browser doesn’t open or your Quickbooks will not open. You can see them running under applications though, i have also seen word documents not opening and other Microsoft products stop opening.
So what is the first thing we do? We do a power cycle, also known as restarting the computer. the first thing that shows up on the screen is that Windows is installing updates and do not turn your computer off. Once the updates are installed and the computer restarts everything works. The one thing I want to stress is that you need to either turn your computer off at least once a week. Some people have a set day that they restart or turn it off, doing this is just a best practice and can save you a giant headache down the road.

Scott Gamet
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