Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Veeam Endpoint Backup Free

Veeam has released their newest free backup software called Endpoint Backup. This is another free backup solution from Veeam; although it is free it is feature backed and very solid, just like the rest of their software. This is their first software to work for physical machine; they have many different products for Hyper-V and VMWare.

Endpoint Backup Free is a very full featured program simulate to the look of Veeam One. You have the ability to do full backups as well as volume and file level backups. Scheduling is built in as well and throttling, this way you can have it run in the background with little performance loss. You can back up to a local or file location, and if you have Veeam in your corporate environment you can integrate it directly into your repository. This also allows for integration into your current Veeam software solution as another, or several backup devices.

For the consumer who is looking for a simple and feature rich solution for backing up their personal computers this is a great solution. You can use a NAS or direct connected storage or a SMB share.

With the file selection you have the control to select exactly what you want to backup, you can even exclude specific files or file types.

                You can set Endpoint Backup to save a specific number of sequential backups as well as for long. The number of sequences option supersedes the number of days, this meaning if you have it set to save only for 2 days but you don’t have any backups for 2 days it is not going to erase any backups until you make a new one. This feature is great for vacations and other events where you may not use the device for a set time.
                The recovery tools that are built in allow for nearly every possible solution. This includes ISO and virtual disk formats. Built in is also a recovery console that allows for standard Windows recovery features as well as a few new ones. Veeam is known for its ability for fast recovery, this now expands to physical devices.

Scott Gamet
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