Monday, December 22, 2014

New toys have malware

With the Christmas season upon us, we will be getting gifts that plug in. Many rechargeable gifts now come with USB charges, although many of us will think it is completely safe to plug these new devices into your computers. There are many reports of these devices containing malware; most of these devices use USB connection because it is convenient. They were never meant to connect to your computer, but people know that you will and because of that they have malware ready to inject into your system.
If it is not designed to connect to your computer, but it has a USB do not connect it to your computer. The best practice is to always use a wall plugin, they have more power available than your computer. Most of the malware that has been found in these devices is known as injector viruses, these kinds of malware install without knowing it. Often times this opens the gateway for other software to be downloaded. Of course all without the user knowing.

Scott Gamet

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