Friday, January 17, 2014

The End of XP

Microsoft has announced an end of service date for Windows XP, what does this mean? Well the short answer is nothing. Although Microsoft will no longer be supporting XP that does not mean it will no longer be able to access the internet or, my personal favorite, that it will uninstall itself. These are just some of the stories that I have hear, the scariest past is that I have heard these things from IT professionals.

The reality of an end of life, or end of service, is that there will be no more updates or direct support from Microsoft. The operating system will continue to work, and you will not notice anything different. Microsoft always has an end if service for their software, just like other companies. If they didn't no one would upgrade to newer software. With upgrades to Windows 7 and 8 there are options for direct transitions from XP to these releases, not to mention the additional features and services that are available in these newer releases.

Scott Gamet
CompTIA A+, Network+

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